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(Efsane Romanının Ingilizcesi)

Prof. Dr. İskender Pala
Legends are born of the sea
Born of passion and fire
Casting light over their times,
Legends chronicled in the written word.
And their times cannot be read on a map alone,
But live in the history and in the hearts of humankind,
Lofty ideals swirling in the eddies of the sea
* * *
Efsane is a swashbuckling tale of adventure on the Mediterranean and a love story that sweeps from Andalusia to Rome and Istanbul.

Epic battles rage on the high seas in a desperate attempt to seize control as the Mediterranean takes a new shape in the form of a map drawn up out of passion and desire.

Efsane describes an everlasting bond between the human heart and the sea, manifest in an atlas of desire.

İskender Pala has penned a thrilling episode in the history of the Mediterranean and the legends of that time. He writes of
…Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha
And the famous basket of roses
And the story of the three bitten apples (400 S.) / Arka Kapak yazisi.
ISBN: 9786055107741
Yayın evi: Kapi Yayinlari
11,90 €
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